Artist Statement

  Let’s suppose you imagine a wide field of flowers – do you associate them all as being of the same category, growing from the same genus, in one stem?  No, you think of an array of different sorts of florets, all with different colors, purposes, and styles, and all with their own unique appearance. This is what I love to portray within my black portraits, as the examination of harmful stereotypes is a primary motivation to these paintings. My work is driven by the prejudiced portrayal of black people in past and contemporary media portrayals, and in turn, is a reintroduction of black bodies in a composition that hasn’t stereotypically and/or historically been associated with it. 

The primary audience for my art isn’t just one group of people – it’s for everyone. For white people to see the paradox of people of color seated in naturistic backgrounds, and for black people to see the astounding beauty that exists within themselves.

    Black skin is something that can be firm, but at the same time can be delicate and sophisticated. My aspiration for my paintings is for everyone to become more comfortable when seeing a person of color in aesthetic forms, and for viewers to see that there is unique, expansive diversity that exists in every person.